Canada Employee Sleep Program
Changing the way Canada Sleeps!

Over the years, research has indicated that Canadians are not getting a restful night’s sleep, highly due to uncomfortable sleeping conditions. This is contributing to many problems in Canada’s society such as increased stress, workplace fatigue, joint and muscle pains, and an overall depletion in Canada’s health and standard of living. 

The Canada Employee Sleep Program has been established to address this very important issue. We are on a mission to create awareness among Canadians on the importance of good sleep and how it can affect the quality of life from the workplace, to home, and involvement in physical activities. We strive to help Canadians get a better night’s sleep. Many Canadians are simply not aware of how critical good sleep is to a healthy lifestyle. Good sleep means getting the recommended number of hours of sleep, but just as importantly it involves a good mattress. It’s that simple. 

The majority of Canadians sleep on what they “think” is a good mattress. A mattress loses its quality of comfort and support over the years and actually doubles in weight from the build up of dead skin cells, dust mites, and sweat that seep into its core. Everyone should exchange their mattress at least every 10 years but statistics show that Canadians do so every 20 years or more on average. 

This is why we have established a program to spread awareness and give Canadians access to affordable quality sleep products. A new mattress will contribute positively to a quality night’s sleeps and benefit an overall improvement in quality of life. 

We have teamed up with Canada’s top manufacturers who also acknowledge the importance of good sleep. Together we have worked out a program where Canadians have access to high quality sleep products at an affordable cost for any household. We believe this is the best approach to changing the way Canada sleeps! 

There are hundreds of companies (small and large) already enrolled in the Canada Employee Sleep Program. It does not matter whether you have two or two thousand employees, there is no company too small or too large that can join this very important program. The best part about it all; it’s completely free to join! We believe that you cannot put a price on Canada’s well-being! 

If you are interested in providing your employees with this never before seen benefit package as part of your employment perks simply sign up online or call 416-477-1188 to get more details and sign up instantly. You have nothing to lose and your employees have everything to gain! Sign up to witness the difference the Canada Employee Sleep Program will make in your workplace today!